The Pros and Cons of Remote Control Vibrators

Imagine yourself in a romantic dinner in the cozy private cabin of a diner. Lovely food, good wine and your spirits are high. Both of you are engaged in naughty-romantic chats and then suddenly you feel an euphoric buzz down under. You gasp in pleasure and a smile plays on your partner’s lips. You are wearing a cool vibrating panty while your partner plays with the remote. Now, that’s what a remote controlled vibrator does for you. It fills you with overwhelming pleasure remotely, without you or your partner having to touch the vibrator. In other words, if you are looking for hands-free buzz fun, a remote controlled vibrator would be excellent for you and lovegasm is where you should get them.

Are you too planning to get a remote controlled vibrator to sizzle up your intimate sessions even more? That’s cool – but before you make the final call, it’s important to land up with an informed decision. The post below offers a brief on both the advantages and disadvantages of remote controlled vibrator.

Pros of remote controlled vibrator

Hands-free buzz fun

This is one of the major points where remote controlled vibrators score over traditional vibrators. Conventional vibrators are fun no doubt but they keep your or your partner’s hands occupied all the time. On the contrary, remote controlled vibrators allow you to enjoy hands-free buzz. There is no question of holding the vibrator toy constantly to feel the buzz. Yes, there is a remote to hold but that’s tiny and even when you hold it your/your partner’s hands can do lot of other interesting stuff.

You can control the vibrator yourself or let your partner control you.

Can be controlled remotely

A remote controlled vibrator offers the ease of operating the vibrator remotely. Let’s say you are in the mood to get teased and buzzed by your partner. But, your man has got some other stuff to do and he can’t come to you immediately; he doesn’t want you to disappoint you though. This is where a remote controlled vibrator comes as a savior. Thanks to its remote-controlled operational facility, your partner need not be physically present before you to make you happy. He can be anywhere in the house and all he will need here is the control remote of the vibrator. Once he takes that, slip into your vibrator panty and let him lead you to an ecstatic buzzy journey.

Sizzles up long-distance relationships

Long distance relationships could be painful for both the partners. You miss his touch, warmth and physical intimacy. You can go for some naughty sex chat over phone or video call but nothing can make up for his touch when he is miles away from you. But, a remote controlled vibrator would be an awesome toy here for you both.

Some of the modern remote controlled vibrators can be operated through smartphone and they allow unlimited range. Your boyfriend/husband would only have to download the vibrator app in his smartphone. Now, whenever you two will be in the mood for some naughty fun, just get connected over a video call and let him buzz you all the way through. This way, you will actually have him teasing you even when he is physically not before you. And that makes the sex game lot more realistic and sexy than usual video call or phone sex.

Allows getting on with life

Remote controlled vibrators are tiny vibrators that can be worn with panties easily. You will also find them within butt plugs. The bottom-line is, they are not as big and long as traditional vibrators which you can only use in the privacy of your home. You don’t have such obligations with a modern remote controlled vibrator.  As they are tiny they can be discreetly worn anywhere. You can just tuck in the vibrator or slip into your vibrating panty and get on with your daily life. From movies to grocery shopping to dinner, you can wear them anywhere. They will discreetly sit inside your vagina/anus and fill you with bursts of erotic pleasure every now and then.

Cons of remote controlled vibrator

Remote controlled vibrator toys are no doubt great. But then, they too have some drawbacks.

Doesn’t work without internet connection

As mentioned previously, a remote controlled vibrator that operates through smartphone app assures an unlimited range. But to connect with you and tease you remotely, your partner needs a solid internet connection. This is not the toy for offline fun. If there is no internet connection, or the connectivity is poor, you won’t be able to enjoy the toy.

App setup could be pretty elaborate

As per most of the remote controlled vibrator users, it could take some time learn how to set up the remote control app and operate it. It’s because the setup part with most of the apps is pretty elaborate. A lot of couples have found the setup process really cumbersome and boring which even dampened their interest in remote-controlled toys.

More expensive

A remote controlled vibrator is a state-of-the-art vibrator toy. It’s backed by advanced technological features which definitely keeps its price higher than traditional old-world vibrators.

Should you buy or not?

So, finally, we have reached the moot point of our main discussion- should you invest in a remote controlled vibrator or not. If you want to know whether it’s worthy of investment, then it’s definitely a “Yes”. A quick look across the amazing benefits of a remote controlled vibrator will reveal the convenience and awesomeness of the toy.

But, then, like most other things, the toy has its own drawbacks. However, if you take a deeper look at the article above, you will find that the pros here easily outweigh the cons. Yes, you might face difficulties with the setup or moments of frustration when there is no internet. But, those are very trivial issues and can be handled easily. Poor internet connection would be a huge problem when you are in the mod to binge-watch your favorite web series. But does that thought deter you from subscribing to the movie streaming apps? Certainly not- then why are you so bothered in case of a remote controlled toy?

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