Men wearing latex suits — Yay or Nay?

Can men wear latex suits? Or is it a women’s affair exclusively? Click here and find out everything about latex materials for men. 

Are latex suits becoming men’s fashion?

Latex suits are becoming predominant in the men’s fashion market. There’s a lot of stigma around latex. But, putting that aside, it seems like we all accepted a widespread opinion that such material is a women’s fashion statement. Truth be told, Trinity from The Matrix looks badass in her clothing. However, is there a rule that men can’t look the same wearing their favorite clothes? 

Lately, more and more people are deciding to move away from the common opinion regarding this material, especially men, who ignore the idea that latex carries some kind of sexual intent with it. Thus, you’ll typically see them on the street, in clubs, and at various social events, wearing latex suits and having fun.

Opinions are conflicting, and everyone has the right to express their views. So, without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the subject and share our thoughts on the matter. 

Are latex suits exclusive for women only?

Leather clothing has come a long way from hiding in catacombs and censorship to hypervisibility. You’ll notice that many celebrities today are increasingly choosing to wear leather suits. There are many reasons for this, but it must be admitted that wearing latex still expresses an attitude. 

However, this has somehow become commonplace for women. When a lady wears latex, she gives the impression of a brave woman who knows what she wants and has a strong character and attitude.  

The question is: can men also be brave?  Why not! Men can also enjoy the comfort and convenience of wearing latex suits. In fact, people should wear whatever they want, as long as it makes them comfortable. 

Men wearing latex suits don’t have to have a sexual connotation. Today, you can find a broad range of companies in this niche. Companies design suits both for women and men. However, we have to conclude that latex suits for men are still a bit more expensive than other variants. 

In the end, if you feel cozy or have the urge to express yourself that way, feel free to do it. However, keep in mind your suit should be in accordance with circumstances. 

Latex clothing is for fashion

From its first spawn to our wardrobes, the latex journey started back in 1824. Back then, the Mackintosh raincoat was all the rage. It created a particularly loyal community of rubber enthusiasts. Later, it led to the emergence of the first modern fetish organization. But, that’s an entirely different subject.

Latex clothing has been the leitmotif of many designers. John Sutcliffe’s catsuit also became the prototype of a rubber-fetish garment. This material continued to appear in fashion reviews around the world, but also film blockbusters. Catwoman, Charlie’s Angels, as well as pop icons like Madonna, Spice Girls, and Britney Spears helped popularize latex suits. 

Until the early 2000s, this material was surrounded by stigma. After that, people slowly began to accept and incorporate it into everyday clothing combinations with the help of LaidTex. And so, men wearing latex suits are becoming less and less unusual and more and more a trend.

Latex provides comfort

If this is your first rodeo, getting used to latex suits can take some time. However, a perfect, thin, and stretchy suit made to fit your body measurements will provide you with extreme comfort. It’ll quickly become your second skin. 

Most suits made of latex will tightly cling around your body. That being the case, we thoroughly advise you to use purpose-made, latex clothing lubricant. It’ll help you fit in perfectly in your suit and prevent unwanted side effects. But, it’ll all become smoother once you get accustomed to your favorite suit.  

Being as tight as it gets, latex will perfectly follow every movement of your body. Moreover, due to its stretching ability, you won’t even notice it on you after some time. All in all, latex allows you to feel the sensation like no other material. After you get used to it, you’ll quickly realize how confident you’ll become and get addicted to the sense of empowerment. 

So, is it a yay or nay?

Latex suits have a long history. However, most of the time, these clothes adorned only the female form. The fact is, though, that latex is a unique material that, with its appearance and characteristics, evokes special sensations in both sexes. 

Over time, latex has found its way to fashion shows. As such, it has been accepted by many designers and celebrities who have dared to show their attitude. As a result, many began to adopt the trend, and latex was slowly replaced by fashion show lights with street ones. 

Latex suits for men also find their way from hiding deep in the rainforest to everyday life. These suits are classy and perfectly comfortable. Therefore, there’s no reason why anyone should avoid wearing latex suits. In the end, no matter how common latex becomes, everyone should wear what they like and allow themselves to express their views in their own way.

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